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I have highly relevant skills and valuable experience that make me a unique candidate for an organization. My strong passion for researching new technologies such as web3/blockchain, Solidity, Ethereum, Next.js, Python, JavaScript, JSX, HTML5, and API/RPCs. As a highly-motivated self-driven developer, seeking challenges and providing solutions through code provides enjoyment to my adaptable mind.

Technical Skills

C#, C++, Rust, JavaScript, Python, JSX, Solidity, Ethers.js, Node.js, HardHat, PHP, SQL, mySQL, Java, MongoDB, Hyperledger, Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Containers, APIs, RPCs, ABIs, POST, REST, AWS, Fleek, Ganache, Truffle Suite, Infura, Moralis, Tendermint, EVM, Algorand, Ethereum, Solana, Celo, Blockchain/Decentralized Nodes, Nodes, Transaction Verification, Blockchain Mining, ProHashing, Nicehash, HiveOS, ASICs, React, Redux, Ignite, Encode, Vue.js, HTML5, Typescript, SubGraphs, NPM, Yarn, Reach, Linux, Angular JS, Libraries, RESTful APIs.


Blockchain/ Information Technology Specialist with 15+ years of analytical insight reporting, database analysis, project/program management, frontend/backend development, and enterprise technical account executive. My dedication to supporting in a collaborative work environment has amplified and enhanced my knowledge, skills, and abilities immensely.

Blockchain-Specific Training/Communities

Bootcamps, Dapp University, Eat the Blocks, LearnWeb3DAO, Hackathons, Hack Money 2021 Winner - Enzyme Project Team, The Graph Advocate, Ethereum Dev Intern, CryptoZombies, Ethernauts, Encode, EthDev, Devcon, Algorand, Reach, Solidity, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Wallets, Handshake - Top-Level Domains, Helium, Decentralized Finance, Yield Farming, APIs, RPCs, ABIs, SubGraphs, Messari, Token Metrics, Crypto University, Blockchain Education Network, Hardware Wallets, MetaMask, Backend Smart Contract Development.

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Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, yield farming, web3 development, crypto news & mining


Overall, the Web3-MCT mining, coding, and trading group on LinkedIn is a vibrant community of individuals who share a passion for blockchain technology and its potential to transform the financial industry.